A child’s cry is silenced forever

Yet our current struggle remains a political one.

Ali Saad Dawabsheh was killed during an arson attack on West Bank today. Eighteen months old, with no capacity to fathom the horrors that surrounded his entire upbringing and robbed the ability to ever understand why his life was taken. He never stood a chance.

Yet people are insisting on using the terrible tragedy to catapult the usual religious propaganda.

During my own times of hardship, I let my mind wander freely and it often rests upon the notion of how very lucky I am.  A living, breathing being with a mind of my own and with opportunities resting upon my feet. Save for any obstacle which I have the right, at least, to overcome.

How very lucky I am, that I live in my world. How very sad, that I live in this world.

May your soul be met with the open arms of the heavens, you poor child.

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