In light of Donald Trump’s recent, rather illuminating thoughts on Mexican immigration

I must say, it is refreshing to see corporations taking a stand against blatant bigotry (hat’s off to you, Univision and NBC).

People are quick to defend our fair nation’s foundation of liberty and free speech, and quick to ignore the dormant consequences to every word that we give life to.

I’m fairly certain that if I said it at some point before, but I will say it again: nothing in life is free, everything comes with a price.

Trump is certainly paying the price, but with his undoubtedly, er, thick skin, I’m not entirely sure he is fazed. In fact, with his recent retort in a letter that publicly barred Univision representatives from using his properties, it doesn’t look like he cares.

Then again, I didn’t expect individuals with the audacity to make sure remarks to repent, and definitely not if that individual is Donald Trump.

He recently opened up a golf course in the Bronx, near where I live. I winced as we drove by the place today–talk about out of place.

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