We’re all kid-trepreneurs at heart.

Long ago during the days of anonymous AIM chat rooms and dial-up Internet, little Tania was a mastermind of ideas. Before becoming burdened with adulthood and its accompanying anxieties and risk-aversion ways, she was quite the action-taker, believe it or not. What I should also mention (can't handle third-person reference for more than 20 seconds)… Continue reading We’re all kid-trepreneurs at heart.


Sweet land of liberty…?

The long stretch of Spring marked by hunger pangs and tongues dry as cacti lounging in our mouths came to a close on Saturday night. Thirty days of Ramadan culminated last weekend with the celebration of Eid-al-fitr, a day that, fittingly, is observed by stuffing yourself with as much food and delicacies as possible in… Continue reading Sweet land of liberty…?


A country’s scars revealed, the wounds never healed.

*Opinion piece In a paradoxical sense, I am at once a skeptic and simultaneously a fan of serendipity. But if the latter exists in its happiest form, then its less-positive counterpart must exist. I don't believe coincidences are really just that. That being said, my commute to work this morning was riddled with coincidences. I… Continue reading A country’s scars revealed, the wounds never healed.