Internet Safety 101.

Today we’re going to talk about internet safety, or how to keep your privacy on lock–starting yesterday.

On Wednesday, the House voted to overturn the FCC’s ruling that protected citizens’ rights on the Internet. If it passes, every single American can wave goodbye to privacy for their web activities. This means that every single byte of information you consume–your browsing history, habits, trends, location data, etc–is available for purchase.

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Why is this scary?

With a changing media and web landscape as well as trickier advertising like programmatic on the rise, it means that nearly everything you see will be manipulated and tailored to you. You will no longer hold 100% accountability over everything you do, because ads and copy will be manufactured specifically for you. EVERY piece of information you put out there–think auto logins where you input your SS or home address–is up for grabs.

What steps can you take to protect yourself?

I recommend doing everything in your power. This Medium article is extremely helpful in explaining these measures, such as creating a VPN and using anonymous browsers like Tor to safeguard information like your browsing history. You should also become educated on the FCC’s policies as well as become increasingly hyper-aware of changes like these that are an invasion of the very foundation the nation built itself on and still trumpets: freedom.


Don’t ever become desensitized or numb to these rulings.  Remain alert, and have a safe day.

*ding ding*

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