Judgement Day, or the more politically correct term, Election Day.

Do it for the countless children of immigrant parents, poring over books late into the night so as not to render their parents struggle futile.

Do it for the voiceless, in every sense, who yearn to be heard.

Do it to send a colossal stop in the face of hate, and force it to come to a screeching halt.

Do it even if you don’t care for our two party system, because taking a stand during the most vicious election of our time won’t be dismissed. We live with consequences.

Do it because the outcome of the other side would result in utter, abysmal chaos.

Do it for the victims of every hateful slur uttered in this past year: for the ones in the minority, for the people who choose what they love, who they love, and how they love. For the ones who will never allow their beliefs to cloud their ability to be good and kind human beings.

Do it even if you feel the Bern–that ship has long sailed (I know, I voted him too.) Do it because he stands with her, too.

I’m with her, for the sake of this great nation. Because knowing the kind of suffering the rest of the world undergoes, there’s only one thing we can do: be grateful to be who and where we are in the United States. We are great, we are against hate, and we will prevail to fight for what is right. No matter how ugly the politics are.

The decision is yours, today. Vote.


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