Profound new study shows elite public schools populated by the wealthy

Um–obviously? Granted, the article in question is from the Daily News and any material they circulate should always be taken with a grain of salt…or after a few shots of tequila.

The story only serves to provide evidence to my earlier blog about the inequalities with the so-called unbiased SHSAT. So, YES, to all those who protest that the exam provides equal opportunity for admission into the specialized high schools of NYC…this is the proof that you weren’t looking for. Does it really require a study? All one needs to do is ask a student who attends the school rather than conduct a study that is a thorough waste of time since it appears to point to the obvious, for anyone familiar with the saga anyway.

As one source in the story puts it: “These are predominately schools for the privileged,” said David Bloomfield, an education professor at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Grad Center. “It’s about access to tutors, access to information and access to better middle schools.”

Which just goes to show that nothing in life is really unbiased–a combination of luck and economic status is an extremely significant factor.

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