Let’s take a break from the flood of negativity, shall we?

In other news, Munira Khalif, a high school senior from Minnesota, was reportedly accepted to ALL EIGHT IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS!

Munira is SOMALIAN, MUSLIM and a WOMAN–sure as hell sounds like a triple-threat if the media ever saw one.

Before anyone pulls out the race card or defaults to cries of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION (a concept I am sure most opponents know nothing about), lets take a look at what Star Tribute lists as some of Khalif’s accomplishments:

“She started the nonprofit Lighting the Way, which helps East African diaspora youth empower their counterparts in the Horn of Africa by making education accessible. The organization has raised about $30,000 to provide scholarships and tackle sanitation issues. An organization in Kenya donated $250,000 to help build a library in Somalia.

Khalif is also a global youth ambassador for A World At School, a campaign focused on ensuring universal education.

Khalif also founded a Social Consciousness Club, a platform for students to discuss domestic and international issues, such as hunger in America and foreign aid.

As a teen adviser for the U.N.’s Girl Up campaign, she mobilized young people in her community to send letters to Congress in support of legislation fighting against child marriage.”

That’s more than what many people of all colors achieve in a lifetime. This young woman deserves all the accolades in the world for defying odds that people of her race and background face in the land of the free and still making all these achievements. Go Munira!

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