We are all India’s daughters.

In 2012, a young woman residing in Delhi, India boarded a bus with a companion one evening after the two had watched a movie together.
She never came home.

The well-publicized rape of Jyoti Singh sparked a much-needed dialogue regarding gender rights and equity worldwide. In India, thousands took to the streets to express their outrage over the heinous act that took the life of a young woman with no remorse. What was thought to be an event that was furiously condemned by the Indian government took an unexpected turn with the ban of new documentary that examines the case and its’ aftermath. It also interviews some of the men who were behind the vicious crime, capturing in words the true essence of a rapist.

It is disappointing and disheartening to say the least that a nation in dire need of supporting their women after long battles to destroy traditions allowed their perpetual subjugation would reject a film that vehemently supports and gives voice to the cause. Concepts such as “slut-shaming” and demonizing the rape victim is gripping the world in ways that give way to incredibly horrific results. Even in the United States, a so-called democratic world power, a woman faces sexual assault every 107 seconds, according to RAINN. It will be interesting to see the issue in the context of a nation where tradition is the unapologetic root of the issue.

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