A blogger’s review of a blogger.

I recently read Rosemary Armao’s blog on the Times Union website. Her writing proves to be opinionated and straightforward, a rather refreshing take on things.  One of her blogs caught my eye: it was a review of her recent high school reunion. She posed many interesting sentiments, such as the success of the class victim, the everlasting beauty of the girl that stole everyone’s heart, the lack of diversity in her old class. She comments on how remarkably easy Facebook made it for planning the event, and recovering all her long lost classmates.  Armao mentions at some point when she recalls the group arguing, that “We remain, after all, children of the 60s and 70s, individualistic and hard to reign in.” It struck me as an interestingly proud statement and made me wonder: would my graduating class and I reflect traits only visible in teens of the 21st century? What in particular would stand out, besides the advances in technology? Sadly, I feel as if the kids from the past have covered all the grounds in change and individuality-all we are doing is bringing back the past.

Another sentence in her blog stood out to me that isn’t particularly relevant, but I found amusing anyway: “I enlisted my mom, the Reunion Queen, to help cook and organize. Reunion Day began with her running in from the backyard about 8:30 with a panicky edge to her voice: “Ro, Ro, who is this in my driveway?” Outside, walking in from the street where a yellow taxi was parked we found a middle-aged, long-haired woman in a sari. She could have been a classmate — except she wasn’t.” I was a little confused as to why her mother would be panicked, but moreover, I absolutely cannot understand a world without diversity. Living in NYC all my life has spoiled me, and all I know is a world with different people and different things and lives and places and everything. No one in NYC would panic at the sight of an old Indian woman on their front stoop. They would be more likely to ask if she would like some tea.

At any rate, Rosemary’s blog intrigues me, as does her expansive knowledge of almost everything, so I have officially bookmarked her page on my web browser.

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