Bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

In response to the title of this blog–nothing, apparently, because “they”, the police, can do no wrong, even when evidence shows otherwise.

In a startling (read: sarcasm) event brought to public attention by Capital New York, IP addresses that have been used to alter Wikipedia pages involving police-related articles (brutality, controversial laws, notorious murders) were traced to NYPD servers.

According to the story, many pages were altered to make incidents such as the deaths of Eric Garner and Sean Bell, both of which have gained international recognition,  appear with responsibilities and actions committed by police officers shifted away or omitted altogether.

This kind of thing calls to mind a mantra that I cannot stand hearing that goes something along the lines of, “You badmouth the police so often, let’s see who you call when you’re in trouble and need help.” Are people who say such things completely deluding themselves? One, no one should feel any fear of retribution from criticizing authority, so long as it is done in a manner that is both informed and respectful. Second, the precise issue that presents itself in times like this is that if a person is constantly being victimized by the people who are supposed to keep them safe, how can they expect to rely on them in times of duress?

This passive-aggressive attempt at silencing the many abuses of power that occur on a daily basis is stunning. As the police continue to maintain their innocence, they are quietly asking their employees to rid any evidence that may sway people away from their side. Luckily, humanity saves the day in the form of a Twitter bot that has been created to capture any new changes to Wikipedia pages that are linked to NYPD IP addresses.


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