Reading is fundamental.

People who do not read books for pleasure are shmucks.

There, I said it.

There are many activities that people partake in for their entertainment and enjoyment, but reading books is slowly becoming an obsolete one. Either the joy that these texts bring are being forgotten, authors are writing less engaging novels, or people are slowly depleting their intelligence levels on other things; I’ll go with the latter. I realize that Facebook and the new Call of Duty are highly amusing, but nowhere near on par with the delights that a well written story can bring.


Honestly, reading is the most underrated form of entertainment these days. Fairy tales were originally created as a form of entertainment, and people loved these stories so much that they reproduced them in every way possible, creating a lot of interest in novels. Philosophers, great thinkers, and other wise people could not have bestowed their knowledge if it weren’t for the books that they published and the people that devoured them and spread the news.


I learned to read at the tender age of three. I lugged my alphabet book with the bright pictures and big words around everywhere I went, until I had every damn word memorized. I got my first library card at age four and started reading Harry Potter at age six. My weekends growing up consisted of trips to the library, checking out thirty books [yes, thirty] and reading them all within two weeks just to go back and get new ones. People are skeptical of this fact, but when you are a young girl confined to her house by your overprotective parents, there’s not much else you can do except read. I did learn to use a computer when I was very young too, but Barbie.com was simply incomparable to the likes of the Baby Sitters Club books.


Reading simply betters the person that you are. To quote a hackneyed yet truthful phrase, books can take you all around the world without leaving your chair. It expands your mind, enhances your reading and writing skills, and makes you an overall intelligent person in a way that understanding computer science or mathematics could never do.




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