-insert UAlbany pride here-


Just kidding. False enthusiasm bears no results.

Here are some observations I have made during my first week of college.

1) Every rumor you’ve ever heard about college is true…and more. Is every drug under the sun present on campus? Yes. Is it true that it is impossible NOT to be able to get laid? Very. Do you have at least one professor who isn’t quite like anyone you’ve ever met? Definitely.

2) There are stark differences in education between a state college and a private college. I come from a top rated high school that tends to produce very successful graduates…with a few minor inconsistencies [such as myself.] Judging from the raves I have heard from my friends at Harvard, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Boston University, the education quality ranks sky high…though admittedly, lower ranked schools certainly party harder.

3) The student body appears homogeneous in terms of race, background, and ideals. If there’s anyone here who does not wish to get wasted on a Tuesday night, please show yourself.

4) I do not fit in. I am an avid reader, who does not engage in underage drinking, and would prefer to curl up with a nice book on a Saturday evening instead of participating in….other activities.

This entry is not meant to release my frustrations and/or emotions, or become a rant, or incite sympathy, murmurs of agreements, or other opinionated statements. They are merely observations and I hope people take it as such.


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